Services Our diagnostic service include: -   Consultation concerning plant protection   -   Diagnosis of plant diseases -   Determination of mycoses and their pathogens -   Determination of bacterioses and their pathogens:     -   with microscopic, bio-chemical and molecular         techniques,        -   with different serological methods     -   by isolation on nutrient media with a subsequent                               identification     -   by using indicator plants   -   Investigations on pathogens, non-parasitic diseases     and complex diseases.      Further services include:  - Providing expert opinions in case of legal      disputes with a phytomedical   background   - Testing of plant reproduction material with      regard to contaminations with plant pathogens -  Execution of resistance tests with new varieties    and breeding material under standardized       conditions in the greenhouse or growth chamber -  Tests of the fungicides or bactericides of newly       developed compounds under controlled conditions -    Provision of test material (Inoculum of      phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria) for:      - resistance tests in plant breeding      - fungicide tests for the chemical industry   - Contract research studies with mycological and    bacteriological problems on agriculturally and      horticulturally cultivated plants (e.g.infestigations   on latent infections, tests concerning the      persistance and distribution of pathogens in the      soil and in the plant, proof of the influence of the      rootstock  on the resistance of a variety) The services offered include field and greenhouse  inspections, diagnoses on-site as well as sampling for the required laboratory investigations.