Diagnostic Laboratory Pestalozia dichaeta Stemphylium botryosum Thielaviopsis basicola, chlamydospore Since October of 2003 exists at the University of Göttingen,  Department for Crop Sciences, Division of Plantpathology and  Cropprotection, a phytodiagnostic laboratory. The diagnostic  service is offered by a well-rehearsed experienced team of  phytopathologists who possess extensive knowledge and  experience regarding the recognition, determination and control  of numerous phytopathogens on different plants due to a long-  standing activity in applied phyto-medical research at the,  among others, University of Göttingen. The well founded  knowledge results, in particular, from the build-up and the  management of the biggest collection of phytopathogenic  bacteria in Germany during the last decades. Our collection of  phytopathogenic fungi contains, in addition, all important  pathogens of vegetable-, ornamental- and agricultural plants.  With the available expert staff and the technical equipment we  are able to quickly and most of all safely diagnose pathogens  and to work out suitable solutions in case of newly developing  phytopathological problems. Due to the close cooperation with  the University we are always at the newest state in the  development of the modern phytomedicine.  Phaseolus vulgaris/Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. phaseoli Malus, Erwinia amylovora Cucurbita maxima, Xanthomonas cucurbita