Alternaria rudbeckiae Alternaria helianthi Fusarium culmorum    Diagnostic Laboratory Plantprotect    Dr. A. Mavridis, Dr. I. Schröder       Göttingen Collection of Phytopathogenic Bacteria Our diagnostic laboratory investigates and diagnoses disease  pattern on all prevalent cultivated plants, on seeds and harvest  products, caused by phytopathogenic bacteria, fungi or abiotic  factors. As standard methods for the identification and  differentiation of the pathogens, microbiological, biochemical,  physical and modern molecularbiological detection techniques,  besides microscopy, are being used. These investigations  constitute the basis for the recommendation of effective plant  protection measures. Our Göttingen Collection of Phytopathogenic Bacteria (GSPB),  widely known beyond Germany, enables us to identify  specifically and surely bacterial pathogens with the aid of  authentic reference strains. Together with the pathogenic fungi  of our extensive collection, we conduct on all cultures related to  agriculture, vegetable and ornamental cultures resistance as  well as pesticids tests.